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What we offer:
-With over 300 instructional videos, we will help you cover everything from the fundamentals of Balboa to advanced lead and follow techniques, stylings and sequences.

-Vintage clip compilations including voiceover clips in which we will help each student respect the history of the dance and its many styles.

-Links to music playlists to help you practice and tools for helping you navigate and download clips from the internet to create your own vintage music and video library.

-Optional video critiques; ask questions while you learn.


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Learn to Bal in six weeks

Balboa Fundamentals

The goal of any fundamentals workshop is to get you out of the classroom and onto the dance floor with your friends or family. The Learn to Bal in Six Weeks program was created to do just that: focusing on movement as opposed to learning steps. We are confident that anyone who takes this course will not only be able to get out on the dance floor and do the basics, but have enough content to dance an entire song with ease.

Price: 115.00 USD


Training Day

Advanced Balboa

As a dance couple that has been working together for a long time, we are often asked how we practice together. What are the ways in which someone can make the best use of their time and stay motivated and creative on the dance floor? Training Day is a six-week program geared towards advanced dancers. We offer things like advanced solo and partner drills; adding footwork into your existing steps and moves; how to create new moves on the fly, and play with those you already know. Being a dance partnership, most people are surprised to hear that we have not lived in the same city in over 7 years! Therefore, we also cover how to train alone and stay motivated without a partner.

Price: 115.00 USD


Slow balboa

Slow Balboa Fundamentals

One of the things we are asked to teach most often is Slow Balboa. But since we are only ever able to offer it as a taster, we are never able to truly teach all that we have to offer... until now. Here is a six-week balboa course designed to get you to stop leaving the dance floor when you hear those slow songs! We begin by covering the fundamentals as they were taught to us in the classroom by Dean Raftery and Ray Cunningham. We then show how we expanded the dance and changed it to better suit the slow music that you hear currently. This is a dance that is very close to our hearts and our goal is to bring that love to more dance floors across the world.

Price: 115.00 USD


Building your bal swing arsenal

Moves You Should Know

So you’ve been dancing Bal-Swing for a while.. or perhaps you’ve completed our Learn to Bal in Six Weeks program. Now what? This program is packed with ideas for moves, variations, and footwork to help build your bal-swing repertoire. We cover leader and follower technique and connection, as well as options for giving space (or taking it!) to style your steps. 

Price: 75.00 USD


Triples footwork grab bag

Pure Balboa Footwork

 One of our favorite rhythms in pure balboa is the triple. It’s a simple rhythm, but it can be done in so many different ways. Triples add texture and style to our basic balboa steps. In this program we will explore the idea of incorporating triples into our regular basics as well as styling them in different ways and moving them in different directions. 

Price: 75.00 USD


Slow bal addiction

Slow Bal & Laminu

We were so excited to see how well our Slow Balboa programs were received. Due to this appreciation and the questions we received from program subscribers we are happy to offer our answer, Slow Bal Addiction. 

Starting with our Lamanu section, we break down one of our favorite Ray Cunningham clips for those looking to better their understanding of this dance as well as increase their vintage step repetoir. We then move into more Slow Bal material inspired by the old timers and finish up with new additions of our own. If you enjoyed the first program we are certain you will love this one.

Price: 75.00 USD


Partner craft

Teamwork on the dance floor

For those who have partners to work with, we are offering our most Advanced Online Balboa and Bal- Swing Program to date, Partner Craft .

This class will grow with its individual couples, covering topics from partner matching to playfulness on the dance floor. We will also be teaching some brand new partnered creations and showing you the tools we used to create them!

Price: 50.00 USD


Go solo

Teamwork on the dance floor

The request for more solo content has been overwhelming recently so we are offering Go Solo as a way for our Advanced and Masters level students to work on their individual technique and styling.

Solo drills, mini choreographies, technique and styling sessions will all play a part of this ongoing, ever evolving series of classes!

Price: 50.00 USD

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