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About Us

Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault have been teaching, dancing and competing together since 2005. In the past 20 years their innovation and showmanship coupled with their love of both dance history and theory have led them to become internationally recognized Balboa teachers and competitors.

While competing together Mickey and Kelly have achieved victories at numerous competitions including Balboa Rendezvous' International Balboa Championship (2006, 2007 and 2010) as well as All Balboa Weekend's American Classic Balboa Championship (2008) and routine division (2011). Other winnings include first place in the Balboa divisions at both the International Lindy Hop Championships (2010) and the European Swing Dance Championship (2011) and 1st and 2nd place last years California Balboa Classic Invitational Balboa Jack and Jill.


Mickey and Kelly have taught extensively all over the world and have been featured in newspapers and magazines like Time Out New York, The New York Sun, Good Day New York and on television programs like Good Day New York and NBC's 1st Look.  

Kelly Arsenault

Kelly, from Knoxville, TN, has been dancing as long as she can remember. As a child she took ballet and jazz, but she was especially drawn to modern dance. At age 11, Kelly joined the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble. She was with the modern dance company for 6 years, performing around the globe including Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Kelly attended the University of Tennessee from 1997-2001, during which time she was a member of the UT Dance Company. She was also a dancer and choreographer for Circle Modern Dance Company. In 2003, Kelly moved to New York City where she continued her modern dance career performing with Von Ussar Danceworks and MAD About Dance. When she met Mickey in 2004, she discovered her love for balboa and lindy hop; and so began their amazing friendship and partnership.

Mickey Fortanasce

After a few years of watching Lindy Hop, Shag and Balboa at local swing clubs in Los Angeles, Mickey began his dance education in 1999. After moving to New York, Mickey began teaching local classes for the New York University Swing Dance Society. Traveling between New York City and Los Angeles during this period gave his dance education a unique perspective as he was able to meet and watch the old timers from both coasts on the dance floor. With this education, Mickey gained the confidence and vision that brought him to his first competitions, choreographies and performances in 2001. 

Mickey currently resides in Knoxville TN where he continues to travel, teach, compete and perform all over the world.



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