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Training Day

 One of our favorite rhythms in pure balboa is the triple. It’s a simple rhythm, but it can be done in so many different ways. Triples add texture and style to our basic balboa steps. In this program we will explore the idea of incorporating triples into our regular basics as well as styling them in different ways and moving them in different directions. 

Here is a comprehensive list of all the material covered in the Triples Footwork Grab Bag.


Section One

Playing with Triple Rhythms
Triples Explained
Triple Rhythms with a Partner
Gathering Triples
Driving Triples
Multiple Triples
Section Two

Fun with Triple Stylings
Pull-Back Triples
Pull-Under Triples
Multiple Pull Triples
Gathering Fan Triples
Multiple Fan Triples

Section Three

Mixing and Matching Triples
Mixing Drive and Gather Triples
Checkmark Styling Triples

Triples on "1"

Swoops, Taps, & Kicks


Section Four

Lateral Triples

Lateral Downhold

Lateral Driving Triples

Lateral Uphold

Lateral Gathering Triples

Solo Drills to Music

Vintage Triple Footwork Footage