100.00 USD

Training Day

As a dance couple that has been working together for a long time, we are often asked how we practice together. What are the ways in which someone can make the best use of their time and stay motivated and creative on the dance floor? Training Day is a six-week program geared towards advanced dancers. We offer things like advanced solo and partner drills; adding footwork into your existing steps and moves; how to create new moves on the fly, and play with those you already know. Being a dance partnership, most people are surprised to hear that we have not lived in the same city in over 7 years! Therefore, we also cover how to train alone and stay motivated without a partner.

Here is a comprehensive list of the material covered in our Training Day Program


Week One

Posture Play - I Frame, V Frame, A Frame

Solo Pure Bal Rhythm Drills - Single, Half, Quarter, Triples

Partnered Pure Bal Rhythm Drills

Defining YOUR Basic - uphold? downhold? driving? in place? styling?

Creating Lines and Shapes - Follower and Leader Solo Drills


Week Two

Solo Out & In - Compression or Pass (Doorframe Drills)

Solo Out & Ins - Rotating, Down the Line, Crossovers

Solo Out & Ins - Upholds and Downholds

Solo Lollies - Gathers, Brushes, Kicks, Crosses

Solo Swivels & Swivel Breaks

Creating Lines and Shapes - Follower and Leader Solo Drills

Everything with a Partner


Week Three

The Dream

The Recurring Dream

Follower Styling

The Nightmare

The Recurring Nightmare, Perhaps?

Take a Move and Reverse It



Week Four

Partner Drills for Out & Ins

More or Less Momentum 

Leader/Follower Styling for Out & Ins 


Out & In Throwout

Natalie Esparza Footage


Week Five

Inspirational Clip Week

Footage Voiceovers including:

The Beach Clip

Start Cheering

Bobby McGee's

Maxie & Caroline

Hal & Marge

Willie & Lila

George Lloyd

Cyd Charisse

Hal Le Roy

Oldtimer Competition


Week Six

The Hangman

The Negley

The Hang Negley (Double Negley)

Ed & Inez Thompson Footage

Hank Negley Footage