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Slow bal Addiction


We were so excited to see how well our Slow Balboa programs were received. Due to this appreciation and the questions we received from program subscribers we are happy to offer our answer, Slow Bal Addiction. 

Starting with our Lamanu section, we break down one of our favorite Ray Cunningham clips for those looking to better their understanding of this dance as well as increase their vintage step repetoir. We then move into more Slow Bal material inspired by the old timers and finish up with new additions of our own. If you enjoyed the first program we are certain you will love this one.

Here is a comprehensive list of the material covered in our Slow Bal Addiction Program


More Lamanu

Lamanu Basic Review
Repeating Box Step
Ray's Six-Count Box
Driving Triples
Lamanu Pushes
Ray's Pushes
The Drag Step
Vintage Lamanu Video Breakdown

More MK Slow Bal
Promenade into Single Swivel
Promenade into Multiple Swivels
Swivels Down the Line
Extra Swivel Play
Backing It Up - Triples & Runs
The Transient 5/6



More Slow Bal Goodness

The Up, Up, & Away: Version 1
The Up, Up, & Away: Version 2
Maxie Inspired Come Around 
Follower Sweep Variation
Slow Balboa "Lindy" Circle
Circle into Pivots
The Slow-Out with Passes