Slow bal


One of the things we are asked to teach most often is Slow Balboa. But since we are only ever able to offer it as a taster, we are never able to truly teach all that we have to offer... until now. Here is a six-week balboa course designed to get you to stop leaving the dance floor when you hear those slow songs! We begin by covering the fundamentals as they were taught to us in the classroom by Dean Raftery and Ray Cunningham. We then show how we expanded the dance and changed it to better suit the slow music that you hear currently. This is a dance that is very close to our hearts and our goal is to bring that love to more dance floors across the world.

100.00 USD

Here is a comprehensive list of the material covered in our Slow Balboa Program


Week One

Quality of Slow Balboa Movement

Dean's Slow Balboa Basic

Serpentine Multiple Triples

Lamanu Basic

Slow Balboa Drags

Dean Raftery Footage

Ray Cunningham Footage


Week Two

Opening Up the Basic

Follower Styling

Multiple Triples Down the Line

Slow Balboa Come-Around

Multiple Come-Arounds

6-Count Basic


Week Three

The Slow-Out

Transition Forward

Follower Twist Release Turn

6-Count Maxie Sway

Follower Crosses

Week Four

Slow Sweeps (Solo & Partnered)

Follower Fan

Slow Bal Sendout

TurtleBack Crawling (yes, that's right)

Slow Jazz Squares


Week Five

Pendulum Triples

Double Fan w/ Multiple Exits

Follower Fan into Nochos

Natalie Esparza Footage


Week Six

Putting It Together: Dean's & Ray's Closed Position Steps

Putting It Together: Slow Bal-Swing Sequences

Mickey & Kelly Footage