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What we offer:
-With over 300 instructional videos, we will help you cover everything from the fundamentals of Balboa to advanced lead and follow techniques, stylings and sequences.

-Vintage clip compilations including voiceover clips in which we will help each student respect the history of the dance and its many styles.

-Links to music playlists to help you practice and tools for helping you navigate and download clips from the internet to create your own vintage music and video library.

-Optional video critiques; ask questions while you learn.

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$125 USD 



$125 USD



$125 USD



$75 USD


$75 USD

SLOW BAL & LAMINU                       

$75 USD


$40 USD  

***All of our courses and add-ons will be accessed through Google Drive. We will give access to the email address attached to your paypal account.  If you use a different email to access Google Drive, please provide that in the notes section.  And, if you do not have a Google Account, you can sign up for one here.***  



Q:Can one purchase be granted to a couple?

A: We understand that many of those who purchase M&K Bal Swing Pro are doing so with a partner. We have no problem with you viewing the material together (on one computer/tv).  However, making copies to send home with friends, groups or classes will result in immediate finger pointing, not to mention the wrath of the lethal Kelly Arsenault... Seriously though, this took an incredible amount of time and effort to put together so if anyone hears of anyone giving or reselling our programs, please contact us immediately.


Q: Do I need a partner to take these programs?

A: Finding a partner or 'temporary alliance' is recommended. Social dances are best learned with two people. However, the Training Day program for instance has many drills to do and questions to answer on your own. 


Q: How long do I have to take the program? Should I try more than one at a time?

A: After you have purchased and received your links to the programs you will receive all of the course material. You will have the ability to download this material as well so that you might take the course at your leisure. Access is granted for three months. We may add subscriptions for updated material later if the courses do well enough for sequels ;)


Q: Is there a deadline to purchase M&K Bal Swing Pro? A starting date?

A: There is no deadline. You can purchase at any time. The program is available in its entirety within 1-3 days after you purchase.


M&K Bal Swing Pro NEWS

NEW! Advanced Dvd added to Training Day and Building your Bal Swing Arsenal programs. With 18 new videos.

Big news for current subscribers to our Training Day or Building Your Bal Swing Arsenal subscribers. We have just added an Oldies But Goodies folder with over 18 videos. Here you will find all the videos from our old Advanced Balboa and Bal Swing Dvds with tons of stuff we haven't show on any of our online programs including plenty of follow footwork stylings, moves and turns for leads as well as two versions of the Carousel (Merry-go-round). If you your subscriptions have run out you can renew your subscription here.


We are now offering dance video critique packages.

We receive a lot of questions from students asking us to critique videos of them performing and competing. We also receive a lot of requests for online private lessons. While it is easy to take a look We wanted to provide more for our students if they are willing to make the effort.



Students submit a video along with their goals and any specific questions they would like answered: videos could be of a social dance of them and their partners, a competition they've competed in, or, even them dancing solo. Generally, less than 3 minutes long.


We will take a look and provide feedback email, or, if it calls for it, video feedback. We will also suggest and send a few drills from our programs that might help students achieve their goals. There is also the option of paying for drills to be created for their needs specifically.


This gives our students the ability to have a truly interactive experience with us and choose the material they would like to work on themselves. Some ideas might be, sorting out the snag in a move you can't get right, competition analysis or fast or slow dancing technique.


40.00 USD

One Video Critiques                 $35 USD


Four Video Critiques               $100 USD


Our course material has a catalog of over 100 videos. Each created while traveling on the road. Also included are numerous vintage clip voiceovers in which we try to help each student respect the history of the dance and its many styles.


We provide comprehensive course outlines so that you not only know what is being covered but how you can take our material to the next level. On top of all that, there are also links to music playlists to help you practice and tools for helping you navigate and download clips from the internet to create your own vintage music and video library.


**Once you have received your link to the videos, you will be able to view and download the footage for THREE MONTHS. Access to the program(s) will be given to only one email account per purchase.



Offering Vintage Clip Voiceovers to help you learn the history and many different styles of the dance we all love.