Balboa fundamentals


The goal of any fundamentals workshop is to get you out of the classroom and onto the dance floor with your friends or family. The Learn to Bal in Six Weeks program was created to do just that: focusing on movement as opposed to learning steps. We are confident that anyone who takes this course will not only be able to get out on the dance floor and do the basics, but have enough content to dance an entire song with ease.

100.00 USD

Here is a comprehensive list of all the material covered in our Learn to Bal in Six Weeks Program


Week One

3 Basic Postures - I frame, V frame, A frame

3 Basic Rhythms - Single, Half, Quarter (Solo and Partnered)

Uphold Basic & Basic Drills

Accents and Styling

Bobby McGee's Footage


Week Two

Downhold Basic - Drive or Drop


Pushes & Slides

Sailor Shuffles

Choo Choo's


Week Three

Out & In - Compression or Pass (Solo and Partnered)

Out & In - Crossovers, Down a Line, Rotating

Overextended Out & In

Mixing and Matching

Maxie & Caroline Footage

Week Four


Throwout from closed or open

Throwout with different exits

Follower turning drills

Behind the Back Throwout

Follower Styling

Multiple Turns

Willie & Lila Footage


Week Five

Lollies (Solo and Partnered)

Lollies Traveling

Turns within Lollies

Swivels (Solo and Partnered)

Swivels Traveling

Mixing Lollies and Swivels

Swivel Breaks

Follower Turn Exit


Week Six

Putting It Together - Pure Balboa Rhythms & Patterns

Putting It Together - Bal-Swing Sequences

Beach Clip Footage