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Learn to Bal in Six Weeks

Balboa Fundamentals

The goal of any fundamentals workshop is to get you out of the classroom and onto the dance floor with your friends or family. The Learn to Bal in Six Weeks program was created to do just that: focusing on movement as opposed to learning steps. We are confident that anyone who takes this course will not only be able to get out on the dance floor and do the basics, but have enough content to dance an entire song with ease.

Course Syllabus


-practiced the 3 basic postures: V frame, A frame, I frame

-practiced the “checkmark stance” for the I frame

-practiced the 3 basic rhythms: Single time, Half time, Quarter time (solo & w/partner)

-practiced the uphold basic drill: in 8 counts and in 4 counts (which is the basic)

- traveling or keeping it more in place

-practiced the additional accents and stylings with the foot releases

- solo, w/partner forward & back, side to side, around

-watched clip of oldtimers dancing at bobby mcgee’s (notice they each had a different style)

-danced to music (**see links to playlists below)



-practiced the downhold basic

-with a drive (travels across the floor a bit)

-with a drop (keeps the basic more in place)

-practiced the come around

-focused on keeping the pulse through the basic

-practiced the single pushes & slides (ad-libs) on both sides

-practiced the pushes (sailor shuffles) & slides with a slight open position

-practiced the choo-choos (you can see hal & marge do these at the end of the bobby mcgee’s clip)

-danced to music



-practiced the out & in in different directions solo (*try the doorframe drills too)

-practiced the out & in (with compression) with a partner

-cross overs, down the line, rotating to the right

-practiced the out & in (with the pass) with a partner

-cross overs, rotating to the right (or, come arounds)

-practiced over-extended crossovers

-danced together: basic, crossover, come around, back to closed

-practiced the transition step

-watched clip of maxie & caroline (using the passing out & in)

-danced to music



-practiced downhold into an uphold (with come around)

-practiced the throwout

-from closed position and from open position (from an out & in)

-practiced different throwout exits: with singles and half-times

-practiced the throwout without the hand and holding the hand

-practiced follower turning drills

-half time, singles, down a line, in place, using a wall/corner/bar

-practiced the behind-the-back throwout

 -with a downhold or with a kick step

 -follows styling: gather, high gather, extended leg

-practiced multiple turns

 -rounded preparation, rather than linear (which we use for throwouts)

-watched bonus clip of willie & lila (notice their throwouts)

-danced to music



-practiced lollies solo (w/ taps, kicks, sweeps) (*try the doorframe drills too)

-practiced lollies with a partner

-in place (full twist), down a line, lead travels around, follow travels around

-practiced turns within lollies

-outside turns with/without hand

-inside turns with/without hand or using other side for a “pop turn”

-practiced swivels solo 

-practiced swivels with a partner

-in place, down a line, lead travels around, follow travels around

-practiced going in between lollies and swivels

-practiced swivel breaks (with uphold kick step, and with downhold)

-practiced downhold crossbody exit with follower inside turn

-danced to music



-practiced sequence: downhold/uphold basic, singles, halfs, quarters (in any direction)

-practiced sequence: basic, transition step, over-extended crossover, throwout to closed

-practiced sequence: basic, transition step, over-extended crossover, sailor shuffles, cross overs, back to closed

-watched the beach clip (notice the upswing energy of these dancers)

-practiced any other moves you learned.. see if you can piece them together!

-danced to music

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