Building Your Bal-Swing Arsenal 
So you’ve been dancing Bal-Swing for a while.. or perhaps you’ve completed our Learn to Bal in Six Weeks program. Now what? This program is packed with ideas for moves, variations, and footwork to help build your bal-swing repertoire. We cover leader and follower technique and connection, as well as options for giving space (or taking it!) to style your steps. 

75.00 USD

Section Three

Fun with Send outs
Balboa Send out Review
Send Out with Follower Turn
Send Out Everyone Turns

Send Out with Slide Return
Send Out with Leader Turn 
Leader Goes, Follower Goes
Section Four

Poison Hand Throwout
Poison Hand Throwout with the Drape

The Roll Off    

Vintage Beach Clip Footage

Here is a comprehensive list of all the material covered in Building Your Bal-Swing Arsenal.


Section One

Long Arm, Cuddles, & More
Long Arm/Slide Arm Throwout
Cuddle Turn
Long Arm Double Turn
Cuddle into Double Turn
Follower Styling (Finding a place to play)

Section Two

Get Tommified
Inside & Outside Turns

Texas Tommy
Advanced Texas Tommy
Texas Tommy with 1 or 2 turns
Maxie V Slide
Follower Turn Styling
Vintage Maxie Dorf Footage