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Program Video Descriptions




🔀 practiced the 3 basic postures: V frame, A frame, I frame

🔀 practiced the “checkmark stance” for the I frame

🔀 practiced the 3 basic rhythms: Single time, Half time, Quarter time (solo & w/partner)

🔀 practiced the uphold basic drill: in 8 counts and in 4 counts (which is the basic)

    - traveling or keeping it more in place

🔀 practiced the additional accents and stylings with the foot releases

    - solo, w/partner forward & back, side to side, around

🔀 watched clip of oldtimers dancing at bobby mcgee’s (notice they each had a different style)

🔀 danced to music (**see links to playlists below)



🔀 practiced the downhold basic

    - with a drive (travels across the floor a bit)

    - with a drop (keeps the basic more in place)

🔀 practiced the come around

🔀 focused on keeping the pulse through the basic

🔀 practiced the single pushes & slides (ad-libs) on both sides

🔀 practiced the pushes (sailor shuffles) & slides with a slight open position

🔀 practiced the choo-choos (you can see hal & marge do these at the end of the bobby mcgee’s clip)

🔀 danced to music



🔀 practiced the out & in in different directions solo (*try the doorframe drills too)

🔀 practiced the out & in (with compression) with a partner

    - cross overs, down the line, rotating to the right

🔀 practiced the out & in (with the pass) with a partner

    - cross overs, rotating to the right (or, come arounds)

🔀 practiced over-extended crossovers

🔀 danced together: basic, crossover, come around, back to closed

🔀 practiced the transition step

🔀 watched clip of maxie & caroline (using the passing out & in)

🔀 danced to music



🔀 practiced downhold into an uphold (with come around)

🔀 practiced the throwout

    - from closed position and from open position (from an out & in)

🔀 practiced different throwout exits: with singles and half-times

🔀 practiced the throwout without the hand and holding the hand

🔀 practiced follower turning drills

    - half time, singles, down a line, in place, using a wall/corner/bar

🔀 practiced the behind-the-back throwout

    - with a downhold or with a kick step

    - follows styling: gather, high gather, extended leg

⏩ practiced multiple turns

    - rounded preparation, rather than linear (which we use for throwouts)

🔀 watched bonus clip of willie & lila (notice their throwouts)

🔀 danced to music



🔀 practiced lollies solo (w/ taps, kicks, sweeps) (*try the doorframe drills too)

🔀 practiced lollies with a partner

    - in place (full twist), down a line, lead travels around, follow travels around

⏩ practiced turns within lollies

    - outside turns with/without hand

    - inside turns with/without hand or using other side for a “pop turn”

🔀 practiced swivels solo 

🔀 practiced swivels with a partner

    - in place, down a line, lead travels around, follow travels around

🔀 practiced going in between lollies and swivels

🔀 practiced swivel breaks (with uphold kick step, and with downhold)

🔀 practiced downhold crossbody exit with follower inside turn

🔀  danced to music



🔀 practiced sequence: downhold/uphold basic, singles, halfs, quarters (in any direction)

🔀 practiced sequence: basic, transition step, over-extended crossover, throwout to closed

🔀 practiced sequence: basic, transition step, over-extended crossover, sailor shuffles, cross overs, back to closed

🔀 watched the beach clip (notice the upswing energy of these dancers)

🔀 practiced any other moves you learned.. see if you can piece them together!

🔀 danced to music




🔀 reviewed your lamanu basic 

- lateral triples rather than swimming triples of slow bal

- make sure you complete full weight shifts and bring feet underneath you during triple

🔀 practiced the repeating box step

    - take the first triple of lamanu basic and repeat forward/side, back/side

    - exit with the 2nd half of the basic

    - focus on upright, relaxed posture (esp followers) so it is easier to travel across the floor

🔀 practiced Ray’s 6-count box step

    - after your basic, step directly to the side for another additional 2 steps

    - important for leaders to emphasize that they are steps, not another triple (keep the pulse)

    - then add two triples fwd/side, back/side (leaders) 

    - put as many 6-counts together as you like, then exit with another basic

🔀 practiced driving lamanu triples

    - same timing as our multiple triples we did previously

    - leaders pick a direction and keep the triples going (try forward first for 8 counts, then back for 8)

    - focus on gathering the feet and pushing off the floor to feel the weight shifts and direction changes

🔀 practiced regular pushes (any direction.. to the side, in a circle, etc)

    - important to allow your anchored foot to create a slight lean in your body

    - after first half of basic, keep the “-ple-step, ple-step,” going (i.e. the ball-change)

    - exit #1: keep stepping through counts “8-and” then exit with the basic on “1”

    - exit #2: finish the pushes with a slow on “8” then exit with basic on “1”

🔀 practiced Ray’s pushes

    - very similar motion to paddles in regular balboa (feeling the shift in anchor is very important)

    - begin with regular pushes, then shift your anchor to the other foot on “7” (could be any count)

    - continue your ball-changes with your new anchor (continuing in the same direction)

    - exit with your lamanu basic whenever your correct foot is free (we exited on “5”)

🔀 practiced the drag step

    - pre on the 5,6 of your regular basic

    - release into a run run on 7,8 and then exit with the 2nd triple of your basic

    - allow natural cross in your body to happen in the drags (and release in the legs)

    - keep toes open and legs moving so you’re not in each others’ way 

🔀 watched the Ray Cunningham video with our breakdown of the steps

🔀 danced it all to music (**see links to playlists below)



🔀 practiced the transition forward 

    - start with first half of slow bal basic

    - leaders open follower away from you on “6” to allow swivel on “7&8”

    - exit by bringing follower in front to closed position triple, and exit with 2nd half of basic

🔀 practiced the transition forward into swivels

    - prep to step through in the other direction is on “8” (make sure you pivot that foot)

    - maintain “step, step, triple step” the entire time

    - same motion as swivel breaks in regular balboa

    - exit by bringing followers in front (same exit as the transition forward exit)

    - make sure you leave enough space between you to fully twist and step through


🔀 practiced swivels down the line

    - same timing as swivels done previously (just keep them now in the same direction)

    - travel straight down the line or rotate around the follower (depends on space and floorcraft)

    - leaders choke up a little more on your right side in order to the keep the orientation moving forward

🔀 practiced swivel play

    - try repeating the “-ple step, -ple step” part of your swivels, or the “step, step” part

    - play around with mixing and matching the different rhythms, and in different directions

🔀 practiced backing it up (with walk/walk triple, walk/walk triple)

    - use the same technique for the walks as we did for Ray’s drags

    - when you incorporate the triple, make sure leaders that you lead each weight shift (back/fwd/back)

🔀 practiced the transient 5/6

    - try it first with lamanu (practice the “up down” or “jogging” feeling of the basic)

    - then move in different directions on the 5,6… right, left, forward, etc..

    - then try it with slow balboa.. smoother and more lateral release with the hips

    - see how you can mix and match slow bal and lamanu, and move around the floor 

🔀 danced it all to music




🔀 practiced the up up & away version #1

    - leaders prep open on “5” and bring follower straight in to compress (no dip in shoulders)

    - release with triple step on “7&8”, and keep your focus on your partner

    - followers release for inside turn towards the leaders for the pickup back into the basic

    - followers remember to release all the way back so leaders are able to bring you fwd & across

🔀 practiced the up up & away version #2

    - begin with promenade and swing down & in on “7” (remember to gather the free foot)

    - triple back and forward on “8&1” & finish with regular come around footwork

🔀 practiced promenade pivots (within lamanu and slow balboa)

    - keep the run, run feeling with lamanu; begin with regular promenade

    - leaders close up on “8” and continue rotating to the right with pivots 

    - focus on upright, body to body position for pivots; finish with the 2nd triple of your lamanu basic

    - try bringing the follower in front instead & rotate to the left

    - keep it smooth with slow balboa, and add more rotation with your pivots

🔀 practiced the maxie inspired come around 

    - 1st half of closed come around; leaders release on “5” (paint a circle on the floor w/ your arms)

    - follows let your body fill in the lead’s arm to feel the circular motion (hold yourself w/ both arms)

    - don’t let motion stop with hard compression on “7&8”; allow it to pivot and keep moving into “1”

    - finish by closing the followers in and completing a regular basic

    - followers styling: extend right leg on “5, 6, 7” and then catch up steps “&8”

🔀 practiced the slow bal “lindy” circle

    - begin with the slow-out (from our original program)

    - leaders keep the follower in a more open position and maintain step/step/triple footwork

    - followers allow yourself to pivot through each step (right foot in front on “1”, left open on “5”)

    - leaders close up when you want to create tighter pivot turns

    - finish with a step back to prep for the next basic


🔀 practiced slow-out with passes

    - begin with regular slow-out (but followers don’t anticipate a “catch” or a “stop”)

    - leaders allow the follower to keep rotating & catch on “1” in a reverse promenade position

    - leaders pivot your left foot right away on “1” in order to get the followers to respond in time

    - followers make sure you tone up your connection in order to move faster (not too loose)

    - do as many passes as you like until you exit with regular come around

    - try closing up the follower instead (rotating to the left for your exit)

🔀 danced it all to music



🔀 emphasize triples with one foot or the other (whole foot / ball of foot / whole foot)

🔀 practiced static triples solo (forward, back, rotating in any direction) 

🔀 practiced rhythm with a partner 

    - in place or with motion

    - focus on upright posture and full body connection to help feel the rhythm

🔀 practiced downhold “driving” triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - with a drive through motion

    - in place with a drop

    - triple on “3&4” “7&8”

    - body placement: slight lean when moving forward, upright when moving back

🔀 practiced uphold “gathering” triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - with a swing motion covering more space

    - in place with less swing

    - triple on “2&3” “6&7”

🔀 practiced multiple triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - driving through to repeat triples

    - try basic downhold, then add triple rhythm, then add multiple triples

    - try it more in place or moving across the floor 

🔀 danced to music (**see links to playlists below)



🔀 practiced pull-under (or pull-back) triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - foot starts forward to pull back

🔀 practiced pull-under triples the other way (solo and/or with partner)

    - foot starts back to pull forward

🔀 applied pull-unders with downhold

    - followers: pull under on 3&4, pull back on 7&8

    - leaders: pull back on 3&4, pull under on 7&8


    - leaders: can you lead the difference between a regular downhold, dowhnhold with a triple rhythm, downhold with a pull-under triple?

    - followers: can you feel and follow the difference between regular, triple, pull-under triple?

🔀 practiced multiple pull-under triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - try those moving across floor or more in place (utilizing more of the upper body)

🔀 practiced gathering triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - try pendulum action

    - add fan texture with toes.. start with single fans, then add triple, then add the swing. slippery & light

🔀 applied gathering triples to uphold

    - start with regular uphold, then add triple rhythm, then add fan styling (2&3, 6&7)

🔀 practiced multiple gathering triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - try pattern with basic swing first (no triple)

    - incorporate triples on 2&3, 4&5, 6&7 with pendulum action

🔀 danced to music



🔀 practiced mixing downhold (drive) and uphold (gather) triples (solo and/or with partner)

    - downhold into uphold (3&4, 6&7)

    - uphold into downhold (2&3, 7&8)

    - can try it with just the rhythms, or with pull-under and fan stylings

🔀 practiced checkmark stance

    - allow body to shift forward on left foot, upright back on right foot

    - try multiple triples in place (forward,back,forward,back)

🔀 danced to music

🔀 BONUS: try adding the triple on 1&2 (followers would be 5&6)

🔀 BONUS: practiced keeping the weight on one foot, and allowing the other foot to style

    - try kicks, taps, brushes, heels, etc

    - try moving forward/back (diagonal), or side to side, or in place



🔀 practiced downhold lateral triple (solo and/or with partner)

    - try basic downhold first, then lean body in the direction you want to travel (side to side)

    - practice releasing the other foot that doesn’t have the weight on it

    - then add the triple (3&4, 7&8)

🔀 practiced uphlold lateral triple (solo and/or with partner)

    - try basic uphold first, then lean body in the direction you want to travel (side to side)

    - then add the triple (2&3, 6&7)

    - focus on pendulum swing


    - mix and match lateral upholds/downholds, uphold triples/downhold triples

🔀 danced to music

🔀 BONUS - practiced all of the rhythms solo to music

🔀 BONUS - watched the footage of oldtimer triples. do you like their particular style?

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